Inlet, Suction & Multisiphon

Smoothing Inlet For Rainwater
  • Distributes the fresh, oxygen-rich rainwater in the storage tank
  • Prevents resuspension of sediment
  • Smoothing inlet made of stainless-steel
  • Optionally with telescopic pull-out

The smoothing inlet made of stainless steel prevents resuspension of sediment and distributes fresh, oxygen-rich rainwater in the storage tank.

Optionally with telescopic pull-out.

  • Surface debris removed by skimming effect
  • Prevents storm drain odours from reaching the storage tank
  • Brace pipe prevents tilting or tipping
  • Large siphon volume 6 l (1.5 US gallons)
  • Drain backflow prevention (optional)
  • Vermin guard (optional)

Made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. For connection to the tank overflow (DN 100). Surface debris removed by skimming effect. Prevents storm drain odours from reaching the storage tank. Brace pipe prevents tilting or tipping. Large siphon volume 6 l (1.5 US gallons).

Available in different versions
  • With or without drain backflow prevention
  • With or without vermin guard

The version with integrated drain backflow prevention is delivered with a retaining clamp for connection to a DN 100 (3.9 in) pipe. The passive vermin guard is made of stainless steel and is easy to remove for maintenance.

Operating Principle And Applications

The suction filter is connected upstream of the pump in the storage tank. Floating and fixed suction filters are available. Two mesh sizes can be selected (for coarse or fine filtering). The operational reliability of a rainwater harvesting system is significantly enhanced by the suction filter which helps to reduce pump wear and prevent clogging of valves.

Suction Filter
  • Protection of pump and rainwater unit
  • Two mesh sizes available
  • Fixed or floating filters
  • Non-return valve
  • Kit with connecting hose
Coarse and fine filter mesh

All suction filters consist of a stabilised, stainless-steel filter mesh. Two mesh sizes are available, i.e. a 1.2 mm mesh for coarse filtering and a 0.3 mm for fine filtering. The coarse mesh is suitable for use with pre-filtered water from storage tanks and other enclosed vessels. The fine filter mesh can be used for unfiltered water from open waters.

Fixed Suction Filters For Submersible Pumps

Fixed suction filters are directly connected to the submersible pump without connecting hose or float. They are available with coarse or fine filter mesh.

Floating suction filters

Thanks to the float, the suction point changes with the water level in the tank. As a result, water is extracted from the cleanest part of the tank. Grease and light particles of dirt collect on the water surface where they are regularly flushed away through the overflow. Sand and heavy dirt particles are deposited in the sediment on the tank base.

The large surface area of the floating suction filter ensures free, unhindered inflow of water so that the pump can operate with optimum efficiency. The rounded hose nozzle with its flared collar ensures reliable operation and secure attachment of the hose even when the floating filter frequently shifts position with the water level in the tank.

Kit with connecting hose for floating suction filters

Selected floating suction filters are also available as a kit with hose and connection for the submersible pressure pump or the PE tube to the suction pump.

Non-Return Valve (Optionally Available For Floating Suction Filters)

The connection nozzle of the floating suction filter is optionally available with non-return valve. In systems with a suction pump, the non-return valve maintains the water column in the hose so that the pump does not need to reprime itself every time it starts.


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